Thursday, 27 March 2014

Starting Point - How My Brain is Wired to Design

Where do I start with this? I've never had a blog before, so this is all new to me! I suppose I just need to write something down, and go from there! I am a wire work artisan. I make things out of wire that have some sort of creative or artistic form. So let me give you some insight into my design process, since that is where everything starts!
My brain is wired to see things a certain way and that is reflected in my art. (yes, pun intended!) One of a kind pieces where the wire goes this way and that way, are beautiful to me, but when I sit down to do that...I just can't make it look beautiful. Or if I can, I've probably used practice wire and it's therefore not suitable to be worn or sold anyways. My brain just doesn't work that way! I need to plan things out. I'm afraid to screw up a nice piece of sterling silver wire, so I plan it. I get an idea, I sketch, I play around with cheap wire, until I get something that to me looks beautiful. Then I re-create it! This is why I rarely do one of a kind pieces!
Here's an example of a recent piece I made. I had an idea, I grabbed some wire and just went to it! The first run at it turned out perfectly! Unfortunately for me...I don't own anything that I can wear this red prototype with.
Here's a look at some of my tools used to make this project...wire cutters, various pliers, files, a hammer and a bench block, and of course wire! What you don't see is the pen and paper. I (try to remember) to write down all my measurements as I create. Then I know if a piece of wire needs to be longer or shorter. I also know how much to cut for the final product and I know how much wire was used, so I can figure out my prices.
Here's the finished product with a couple minor alterations to the beads!
I hung this pendant on an organza ribbon. The piece itself is so beautiful, that it needed something that would compliment the piece without detracting from it. And it needed to be pretty so a bride could wear it. Do you know how hard it is to find 1/2" white organza in a store? 3/8" was too thin. The pendant would slip around. But anything larger than 1/2" was just too thick, and took away from the piece. I didn't think it would be that hard either, I ended up having to order it online.
I give most pieces a name. Usually the name has to do with how the piece looks. This one is called 'Lovely Locks'. My daughter has the most beautiful curly hair you've ever seen, and this reminds me of her hair!
The hard part comes after the piece is designed...parting with it! Taking photo's and putting it up for sale is really hard! I will be jumping for joy though when someone buys it, because I know they will love it as much as I do! Then, I will make another one...because I put too much work into it, not to!
So, if you are reading this, and want to buy this item...It is posted here in my Etsy shop:
Or you can just send me a note, and I will make it for you!

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